Always fun, always educational, always pushes me gently

I’m just a really happy student! I never know what’s going to happen in class (which I guess is appropriate for jazz) 🙂 but it’s always fun, always educational, and it always pushes me gently into new territory.

Jeg vil gerne synge. Godt. Men det gør jeg ikke endnu. Så jeg har brug for en sangcoach. And I feel freer to make mistakes if there’s only one other person present! I am not a religious man, and so I need to find meaning somewhere. The arts give that to me.

I use my diaphragm differently now, and I think it has improved my sound. I’ve learned that warming up isn’t quite the rigorous exercise I thought it was. I’ve learned how to place my voice all on my own.
Also, my previous sangcoaches weren’t jazz-oriented, and so I love being able to go deeper into the specifics of the genre. Louise speaks jazz.

I would recommend her to anybody wanting to improve their singing, especially for jazz, pop, folk etc styles. Super happy so far! Sangtid gør mig altid glad, og jeg lærer meget.